custom web sites

So you know you should have a website but don't quite know how to tie all your ideas together. Perhaps you have a site that has become obsolete and needs a make over. Or, you want to be very hands on with your own web development, but don't know where to start educating yourself. I help people with all of the above.

pre-production and project workflow

The style of a new site or redesign has to do with multiple criterion. We take into account your preferences such as colors and formats. The values want to project and how you want people to see you effect the style when building a website. Other sites you like will inspire the look of your brand. When designing your site, we will consider your target demographic, the experience they may be looking for, and keywords we will utilize in your site's copy.

  • fully customized websites
  • WordPress integration
  • custom logos and graphics
  • branding
  • marketing strategy
  • e-commerce integration
  • user interface and experience
  • consultation and education on web technologies

During a free evaluation, I will propose a plan specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

Multi-media Studio

Become an online sensation with your own youtube series. Promote your product or deliver instructions. I make sure you look and sound good with lighting, makeup, audio, video, and editing techniques and equiptment.
multi-media services

Web Design

Establishing presence and credibility on the web is the gateway to sucess in today's digital world. I can deliver your offering in a compelling and effective way, ensuring not only that your service is found, but also that your content is delivered in an attractive way that conveys you as authoritative, respectible and friendly.
web design

Development and SEO

An attractive website is nice, but what next? Let's drive traffic to your site! The keys to driving traffic are good content, best HTML practices, setting and tracking goals, link building, social media networking and affiliate advertising. Want to learn more?
development and seo