multi-media production

Videos are often a good way to communicate intellectual content because people are engaged by videos more than text.

Audio files are another way that people can create interest for their product. Podcasts are something that people can listen to in their cars, exercising, or doing other activities, and making things easy for people to access is always good thing.

When producing blogs, the simple act of talking through things on an audio or video recording will often have other benefits. For instance, people often find that producing brief videos on their area of expertise will aid in organizing their ideas. This prepares the author for creating a larger piece of content such as a book or instructional series. Blog posts also help build interest in you as an expert, and that is extremely helpful when you are ready to monetize your intellectual property and publish a significant product.

A typical day of shooting video consists of going to someone's office and staging a nice space for the backdrop, lighting the area, applying makeup to the on screen personality, and recording segments. I use a DSLR camera to shoot video and a professional audio recorder and microphones to capture audio. Shooting usually takes 2-4 hours to produce 5-20 minutes of content.

Back at my editing workstation, I use Final Cut Pro to edit and add text title sequences and lower third text. If there are any distracting background noises, I will process them out using Izotope RX and Pro-tools. Sometimes I will add interest to the footage with b-roll shots and music. The final product is then compressed for the web and posted to your website and sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Compelling content improves user experience, brand recognition and sales. Give me a call or email to learn more about multi-media production services.

Multi-media Studio

Become an online sensation with your own youtube series. Promote your product or deliver instructions. I make sure you look and sound good with lighting, makeup, audio, video, editing techniques and equiptment.
multi-media services

Web Design

Establishing presence and credibility on the web is the gateway to sucess in today's digital world. I can deliver your offering in a compelling and effective way, ensuring not only that your service is found, but that your content is delivered in an attractive way that conveys you as authoritative, respectible and friendly.
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Development and SEO

An attractive website is nice, but what next? Let's drive traffic to your site! The keys to driving traffic are good content, best HTML practices, setting and tracking goals, link building, social media networking and affiliate advertising. Want to learn more?
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