One of the things I often do is help authors with web development. This usually consists of creating a website, brand and social media following as a preposition for promoting themselves to publishers.

Publishers are looking to see if you have an interest and a following in your field. Some people prefer to self publish, and that's great, too. All the same preparations can be made before the launch day to improve the likelihood of success.

"I absolutely love working with Leah! She is so well rounded -- she can design and build websites, edit photos, create illustrations, and do all the technical stuff behind the scenes that make it all work. What I love best is how great she is at listening to my ideas and then shaping them to be workable and attractive solutions. She's speedy, affordable, and also warm and funny. Love her!"

Dr. Britt Andreatta Author and Consultant

"Leah's knowledge of sound recordings, editing, and video post production stages add so much value to the projects we work on together. Her contributions go well beyond the technical nature of her job. She is collaborative, an active listener, and is creative in solving problems. I highly recommend working with Leah!"

Valerie Sutton Director, Career Services Office
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Multi-media Studio

Become an online sensation with your own youtube series. Promote your product or deliver instructions. I make sure you look and sound good with lighting, makeup, audio, video, and editing techniques and equiptment.
multi-media services

Web Design

Establishing presence and credibility on the web is the gateway to sucess in today's digital world. I can deliver your offering in a compelling and effective way, ensuring not only that your service is found, but also that your content is delivered in an attractive way that conveys you as authoritative, respectible and friendly.
web design

Development and SEO

An attractive website is nice, but what next? Let's drive traffic to your site! The keys to driving traffic are good content, best HTML practices, setting and tracking goals, link building, social media networking and affiliate advertising. Want to learn more?
development and seo